Do you know where your milk comes from? Do you know the breed of cattle, what they eat and how "fresh" it really is? At Bailys Dairy, you will.

Bailys Dairy at Pocopson Meadow Farm has been in our family for four generations and is the only farm in West Chester that produces hormone-free, 100% natural milk and dairy products right on the premises. For the first time ever, we're taking you along for the ride!

Visit our historic, 122 acre farm and experience the entire process of milk and ice cream going from cattle to carton right before your eyes. While we didn't invent the cow, we developed the award-winning, grass-fed Lineback breed for pasteurized milk and homemade ice cream that doesn't get any fresher, healthier or more delicious.

So wether it's to enjoy our farm fresh milk and ice cream or to experience a real working dairy farm, bring your family to meet our family and see why we earned Pennsylvania's Prestigious "Dairy of Distinction" Award A book Established in 1983, the Northeast Dairy Farm Beautification Program recognizes the hard work and dedication of dairy owner/operators who have attractive, well-kept farms and promote a good dairy industry image. All active dairy farms in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Vermont are eligible to apply for the Dairy of Distinction award. Winning farms receive this roadside sign for their farmstead. celebrating excellence in dairy farming and dairy products!

We Sell: Milk • Ice Cream • Brown Eggs • Cheese • Seasonal Produce